PGGRP has over 30 years experience designing & manufacturing quality, bespoke fibreglass/GRP products.

We offer a nationwide fibreglass manufacturing service. We specialise in producing fibreglass products in the following areas:


  • Sailing/Marine Fibreglass Grp Products
  • Caravan & Motorhome
  • Custom Moulding For Cars & The Auto Industry
  • Military Grade Sensor Housings
  • Pond Filtration Systems
  • Fibreglass Signage
  • Architectural Mouldings
  • Garden Planters & Garden Furniture


Because of fibreglass’ inherent structural strength, waterproof properties and durability, fibreglass makes an excellent choice of material for most outdoor situations.

With over 30 years manufacturing experience, we are extremely confident that we can meet your fibreglass manufacturing needs, whilst maintaining great value for money.


We can take you through the production process, advise how certain fibreglass production techniques affect product design, suggest the best possible choice of materials and ensure that your finished fibreglass product exceeds all your expectations.


Get in touch and see how PGGRP can help you create long-lasting fibreglass products.


Felt roofing is only designed to last around 15 years, and when it fails, it fails in a BIG way.

Leaks from rain can result in damage to your building’s structure and can seriously damage decoration of the room below.

Replacing your flat felt roof with a PGGRP Fibreglass Flat Roof means your roof will last, PGGRP Fibreglass Flat Roofs are strong, durable and are designed to keep the water out!

Fibreglass is the material of choice for boat hulls and swimming pools, so you can be safe in the knowledge that fibreglass is the perfect choice for your flat roof. You’ll be amazed at the results and value for money!


We only ever use the highest quality materials and offer our 30 years of experience working with Fibreglass, to ensure that your PGGRP Fibreglass Flat Roof always performs!


Book a FREE, No-Strings appointment, we’ll appraise your current roof and always give you unbiased advice.



Got a feeling that we’re up to the job, but you haven’t seen an example on the website?



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  • Before the PGGRP Complete Fibreglass Repair Service
  • After The Fibreglass Repairs Were Undertaken!
  • Before the PGGRP Complete Fibreglass Repair Service
  • After The Fibreglass Repairs Were Undertaken!

We spend everyday working with fibreglass, we know it’s limits. And we repair A LOT of damaged fibreglass installations.

We offer a complete fibreglass repair service . If you have a fibreglass installation, such as a swimming pool, pondroof or mobile home in need of assessment or repair, WE CAN HELP!

Because fibreglass is such a tough material, we tend to find that damage – generally warping, bubbling, tearing and dents tends to happen when the product was installed by an inexperienced tradesman. This Will Never Happen With A PGGRP Fibreglass Product Or Service!


Drawing upon our lifetime experience working with fibreglass, our complete fibreglass repair service can help you:


Accurately assess the cause of damage.

Suggest the best possible fibreglass repair method.

We off emergency callout.

Provide great after-care advice & service!