PGGRP has over 30 years experience designing & manufacturing quality, bespoke fibreglass/GRP products.

We offer a nationwide fibreglass manufacturing service. We specialise in producing fibreglass products in the following areas:


  • Sailing/Marine Fibreglass Grp Products
  • Caravan & Motorhome
  • Custom Moulding For Cars & The Auto Industry
  • Military Grade Sensor Housings
  • Pond Filtration Systems
  • Fibreglass Signage
  • Architectural Mouldings
  • Garden Planters & Garden Furniture


Because of fibreglass’ inherent structural strength, waterproof properties and durability, fibreglass makes an excellent choice of material for most outdoor situations.

With over 30 years manufacturing experience, we are extremely confident that we can meet your fibreglass manufacturing needs, whilst maintaining great value for money.


We can take you through the production process, advise how certain fibreglass production techniques affect product design, suggest the best possible choice of materials and ensure that your finished fibreglass product exceeds all your expectations.


Get in touch and see how PGGRP can help you create long-lasting fibreglass products.